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Employment Opportunities

Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission


The Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission is accepting applications for the position of Director.

The applicant must be a current member of the State Bar of Georgia and have been a member of the State Bar of Georgia for a minimum of ten (10) years. The ideal candidate will have experience as a practicing lawyer in both civil and criminal matters, have strong administrative and interpersonal skills, and be capable of dealing professionally with the public, bench, bar, legislature, and media.  The primary duties include:

  • Counseling judges on compliance with the Code of Judicial Conduct;
  • Presenting on judicial ethics and the work of the Commission at judicial seminars and other judicial functions;
  • Preparing for, coordinating, and attending monthly meetings of the Commission;
  • Drafting agendas for the monthly meetings and distributing them to the members of the Investigative Panel prior to each meeting;
  • Ensuring the Commission is in compliance with any Georgia law that applies to the Commission;
  • Receiving and screening complaints, referring complaints to other agencies when appropriate, conducting preliminary investigations, and making recommendations to the Investigative Panel;
  • Coordinating with the Commission’s investigator to investigate claims of judicial misconduct upon authorization by the Investigative Panel;
  • Notifying complainants about the status and disposition of their complaints, make recommendations to the Investigative Panel on the disposition of complaints, file formal charges when directed to do so by the Investigative Panel, prosecute formal charges, file notices of exceptions to the findings, conclusions, and recommendations for sanctions, or orders of dismissal of the Hearing Panel, and brief and argue matters on review by the Supreme Court;
  • Maintaining records of the operations of the Commission, including minutes of Investigative Panel meetings and receipt of complaints, screening, investigation, and filing of formal charges in judicial discipline and incapacity matters, subject to the requirements of JQC Rule 18;
  • Compiling statistics to aid in the administration of the system, including but not limited to, a log of all complaints received, all investigations conducted, all advisory opinions drafted, and prepare statistical summaries of docket processing and case dispositions;
  • Coordinating with additional legal counsel assisting in Formal Proceedings brought against judges by the Investigative Panel of the Commission;
  • Carrying out and coordinating the imposition of discipline of judges found to have violated the Code of Judicial Conduct;
  • Drafting of various pleadings for transmission to the Supreme Court of Georgia relating to disciplinary actions, and any other Court in which an action is pending which involves the Commission;
  • Drafting of Director Opinions consistent with the Code of Judicial Conduct;
  • Communicating with the public, the media, the courts, and other state and national judicial conduct organizations, as may be directed by the Commission;
  • Preparing the budget for submission to the Investigative Panel and managing spending of said funds;
  • To the extent necessary or required, conferring with and assisting the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Judicial Council, and the General Assembly, with its various committees concerning budgetary and other administrative matters;
  • Performing all election responsibilities required by Commission Rules;
  • Monitoring compliance by judges with CJE requirements;
  • Managing the Commission web site;
  • Supervising personnel and members of the IP staff, and managing the office, equipment, operations, and accounts payable;
  • Engaging the services, with the IP’s approval, of investigators or experts as necessary to investigate and process matters before the Investigative Panel, the Hearing Panel, and the Supreme Court
  • Performing any other duties as directed by the IP

Salary is commensurate with experience; state benefits are available.

Resumes should be emailed by 5:00 pm on August 31, 2019 to:

Position Status:
Position Type: State Paid
Application Opening Date: 08/13/2019
Application Closing Date: 08/31/2019