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Upcoming Training Events

2019 Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon is a program created by the American Prosecutors Research Institute, National Traffic Law Center, with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   The goal of this course is to improve the investigation and prosecution of crimes stemming from automobile crashes and will use the team-building approach with officers and prosecutors from across Georgia.

This joint training approach allows the involved disciplines to learn from each other in a classroom setting rather than outside a courtroom just before trial. Each profession will gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges and difficulties the other encounters in cases arising out of automobile crashes. This course will give police officers a greater understanding of what evidence prosecutors must have in these kinds of cases. At the same time, this course teaches prosecutors what to reasonably expect from officers at the scene and to ask better questions of the officers in the courtroom. There will also be a controlled crash simulation on site.

Both prosecutors and officers will become more effective as a result of interactive training classes in:

  • Why Vehicular Homicides are So Hard to Prosecute
  • Reconstruction – The Language
  • Crash Reconstruction Methodologies
  • Reconstruction Methodologies
  • Vehicular Homicide & Related Case Law
  • Crash Scene Reconstruction
  • On Location Crash Site Demonstration