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Upcoming Training Events

Accurint Law Enforcement Lunch & Learn

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council welcomes you to attend the Accurint Law Enforcement Lunch & Learn.

Accurint for Law Enforcement is a cutting-edge investigative technology that can expedite the identification of people and their assets, addresses, relatives and business associates by providing instant access to a comprehensive database of public records that would ordinarily take days to collect. Developed by experienced law enforcement professionals, it enables law enforcement agencies to locate suspects, find missing children and quickly solve cases.

Enjoy lunch on LexisNexis as Ed DiMenna, LexisNexis Accurint Law enforcement Specialist, will review the key features and benefits of Accurint for Law Enforcement (Accurint LE). This will be followed by a high-level capabilities demonstration of their newest and most powerful law enforcement solution, Accurint Virtual Crime Center (AVCC), which combines the billions of public records in Accurint with law enforcement contributed data from nearly 700 agencies nationwide!