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Upcoming Training Events

Joint Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Drug Impaired Driving Training

 The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, in cooperation with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety presents: Joint Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Drug Impaired Driving Training in Morrow, Georgia.

Drug-Impaired Driving poses an ever-increasing danger to Georgia motorists, regardless of whether the impairment results from illicit or prescription drugs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Center for DWI Courts, 18% of motor vehicle driver deaths involved the use of drugs other than alcohol. With more states. opting to legalize marijuana and the ongoing prescription drug problem in the United States, this trend is expected to continue to increase. The investigation and prosecution of DUI­ Drugs cases poses unique challenges, and prosecutors and law enforcement officers must work, train, and learn together in order to achieve success. This FREE program is specifically designed to bring together police officers and prosecutors in your area to learn and discuss the latest strategies and techniques for investigating and prosecuting DUI-Drugs cases within your jurisdiction. 6 CLE and/or POST hours are available for this course and it is open to Prosecutors and Law Enforcement officers.


TRAINING SESSIONS INCLUDE: Drug and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Signs and Symptoms of Drug Impaired Driving, The Drug Recognition Program, Charging Decisions in DUI/Drug Cases, Drug Impairment Evidence Under Georgia Law, and Challenges and Defenses in Drugged Driving.