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Upcoming Training Events

Joint Law Enforcement & Prosecutor DUI Training – Decatur, Georgia

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, in cooperation with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety presents: Joint Law Enforcement and Prosecutor DUI Training.

In 2009, Georgia had 1,284 total traffic fatalities, 331 of which were alcohol-related. This total represents 26% of the traffic fatalities for the year. Successfully investigating and prosecuting DUI and vehicular homicide cases require that all law enforcement work, train, and learn together. This FREE program is specifically designed to bring together police officers and prosecutors in your area to learn and discuss the latest strategies and techniques for investigating and prosecuting DUI and related offenses that occur in your jurisdiction.  You will also earn CLE or POST hours (if you are requesting CLE hours, there is a charge of $30.00 for your credits for the entire class. Please bring a check with you or submit payment with your form after the course. We will provide a CLE and POST form for everyone).

This is a FREE training session. Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officers are invited to attend.  If you would like to attend this training, please register ASAP. If your agency or office would like to schedule this training in your jurisdiction, please contact Kelly Bruce with the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council at (770) 282-6300 or

If you are interested in specialized training on traffic safety or impaired driving issues, please contact Gilbert Crosby at 770.282.6361 or


TRAINING SESSIONS INCLUDE: Standardized Field Sobriety Refresher, Effective Report Writing, Basics of Administrative License Suspension Hearings, DUI Case Law Update, and Courtroom Testimony.  (6 POST & CLE hours).