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Upcoming Training Events

PAC’s Practical Guide to Prosecution: Implied Consent – Webinar

We are excited to continue our PAC’s Practical Guide to Prosecution Series with Gilbert Crosby, Senior Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor for PAC! He will be giving an informative webinar regarding Implied Consent on Wednesday, February 10th at 1PM via Zoom.

What to expect from this webinar:

Even with the advent of search warrants, use of the Implied Consent statutes remains a legal and direct way to obtain evidence of a defendant’s alcohol or drug impairment. However, due to frequent legal attacks, the proper use of Implied Consent has changed considerably in recent years. This session will provide officers and prosecutors the most current information on the law related to implied consent, including the proper notice to read, timing and administration of chemical tests, the validity of a suspect’s consent, admissibility of refusals, and the proper way to address requests for independent testing.
One hour of CLE and/or POST credit available. For more information or to register for this webinar, please click the registration link provided.