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PowerPoint101: Effectively Using PowerPoint in Trial (and in Life)

Do you ever wish there was a tool out there that could help you make and win an argument?  Something that could assist you during trial and make your openings and closings more, well, presentable?  Good news, that tool is here (and has been for decades).  PowerPoint!

Join us for this full day of training where you’ll be given the tools you need to create PowerPoints that will communicate your ideas to multiple audiences. David Holmes and Andy Pascual, two experienced PowerPoint users, will guide you through the process of creation. Through this hands-on workshop, you’ll be introduced to some basic, and not so basic, uses for PowerPoint. This training will be relevant to prosecutors, law enforcement, and advocates.

This is more than just how to create, though, and you’ll learn what PowerPoint is good for, and what it isn’t, with a focus on presenting simple presentations designed to catch the audience’s attention and leave an impact.  To do this, David and Andy will incorporate a number of ideas that go beyond PowerPoint.  Different learning types process information differently, and using PowerPoint to address these different types of thinkers should inform your decision making when it comes to how you present your information.

This is hands on workshop.  After a morning of instruction, you’ll be free to explore PowerPoint on your own.  The afternoon will be spent creating your own presentation and you’ll receive feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Bring your laptop, bring a file or a project, and we’ll help you to create something that will persuade your jurors, your team mates, or your boss that yours is the winning argument.

When: Thursday, May 26, 2022 from 9:00am-4:00pm

Where: Morrow, Georgia

This training offers 6 CLE, POST, and Victim Advocate credit hours.