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Upcoming Training Events

2022 Prosecuting the Drugged Driver

 The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia is pleased to offer 2022 Prosecuting the Drugged Driver training in Helen, Georgia! This is a lecture-based course that focuses on many topics geared towards arrests and the prosecution of drugged driving cases, including:

  • An Overview of Drugged Driving
  • Prescription Drugs that Impair
  • Driving Green
  • Drug Evaluation and Classification Program
  • Direct Examination of Toxicologists
  • Charging Decisions
  • Drug Impairment Evidence under Georgia Law
  • Common Challenges and Defenses in Drugged Driving Cases
  • Cross/Direct Examination of DREs
  • Defense Experts in Drugged Driving

This course is open to Prosecutors, Investigators and Law Enforcement officers. To apply for this training, please click the registration link provided. If you have any questions, contact the PAC Training Department at