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PAC Receives Funding to Continue Traffic Safety Resource Program

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia (PAC) is pleased to announce it has received a $522,866 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

The grant, which will continue through September of 2023, will provide much needed funding to train law enforcement officers and prosecutors to effectively detect and prosecute impaired and/or unsafe drivers, including swiftly and effectively responding to the constantly changing legal environment surrounding impaired driving investigation and prosecution.

“The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is working with all of our highway safety partners to reverse the increase in traffic deaths we have seen in the United States in the last two years and the goal of this project is to prevent crashes and save lives on our roads,“ Allen Poole, Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said. “We ask everyone to join the mission of saving lives on our roads by driving the speed limit, wearing your seat belt, staying off the phone when driving, and never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

“The hard work to make our roads and highways safer for citizens continues. Reckless and impaired drivers pose significant risks to other drivers and their loved ones,” said PAC Executive Director Pete Skandalakis. “Too many families are often left to deal with the catastrophic consequences caused by these inconsiderate drivers on our roadways. This is why I am proud for PAC to partner with GOHS to develop training programs for law enforcement officers and prosecutors to work together to make our roads safer for everyone.”

Law enforcement officers or prosecutors that would like to schedule training in your jurisdictions, please contact the PAC Training Division at (770) 282-6300 or For upcoming training opportunities, visit the training page on the PAC website.

For more information on this grant program, contact GOHS at 404-656-6996.
For more information on GOHS and its highway safety programs, visit