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Training Division

Concentrating on the improvement of “prosecutor readiness,” the Training Division designs, develops, presents and evaluates quality training programs that address the many challenges faced by Georgia prosecutors.

The Division has assumed a leadership position in the design and delivery of high quality instruction for the prosecution profession. Through initial and recurrent training, the Division equips prosecutors with specific job-related skills that are essential for competency and proficiency in the courtroom.

Each year, the Division prepares and offers general and specialized Georgia State Bar CLE-accredited training courses and seminars to hundreds of prosecutors. Investigators and key personnel are also provided opportunities to satisfy annual certification requirements.

A priority within the Division is the anticipation of the professional development needs of Georgia prosecutors as they progress through their careers as public attorneys. In addition to providing practical and realistic training for entry-level prosecutors, the Division develops a number of courses that address specialized areas of criminal law and procedure.

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