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Employment Opportunities

Cherokee County Solicitor-General’s Office


The essential function of a Solicitor-General’s Investigator is to assist Assistant Solicitors-General in the prosecution of misdemeanor criminal cases. Investigators are responsible for gathering and preserving evidence; working with law enforcement agencies to develop cases; interviewing/speaking to victims, witnesses and defendants; filing and serving subpoenas; assisting prosecutors in the courtroom and preparing cases for prosecution; assisting in the administration and organization of case files; mailing victim impact statements; and performing related clerical tasks. The position works under general supervision according to some procedures; and decides how and when to complete tasks.

PRIMARY DUTIES: This list represents the essential tasks performed by the position. Employees may be assigned additional duties by management as required.

Completes assigned tasks as directed by the attorney (Assistant Solicitor-General) responsible for a case, such as reviewing criminal histories, driver’s license records, or obtaining evidence from law enforcement agencies, including 911 recordings, video tapes, and audio tapes or making copies for discovery.

Reviews case files assigned to the office and determines what issues in the case need attention for successful prosecution; discusses case with prosecutors and assists in determining target outcome of the case. Possesses and displays good judgment and comfort in making independent decisions about such cases, while understanding limitations and showing needed flexibility as needed in the absence of information.

Gathers information/data, evidence and witness perspectives; organizes information for presentation to an attorney, and discusses the desired outcome in the best interest of all parties involved. Handles confidential information with discretion and professionalism.

Effectively manages multiple investigations and prioritizes time effectively in a fast-paced environment.

Gathers necessary evidence with local law enforcement agencies prior to a case going to trial; conducts case review work by analyzing law enforcement documents to locate potential problems prior to beginning of court proceedings; attends and assists in the courtroom and testifies as required.

Coordinates and produces needed witnesses, law enforcement personnel and evidence for trials, while minimizing “down-time” waiting for the case to be called.

Communicates with victims, witnesses and law enforcement agencies related to a case, ensuring the availability of all information to the attorney prosecuting the case. Shows empathy to distressed individuals.

Exhibits excellent interpersonal skills required and ability to interact professionally with culturally diverse individuals during a time of crisis and distress

Serves subpoenas and prepares affidavits for search warrants and arrest warrants if necessary.

Performs clerical tasks such as preparing correspondence or e-mail; performing data entry; preparing concise written reports containing facts and findings of investigations, interviews and evidence, and making recommendations to the prosecuting attorney; mailing victim impact statements; faxing; or telephoning.

Attends staff and other professional meetings to exchange information; attends technical or professional classes, workshops or seminars to improve technical or professional skills.

Exhibits a professional, positive attitude and work ethic.

Assets Responsibility: “Assets Responsibility” refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization.

Requires some responsibility for achieving minor economies and/or preventing minor losses through the handling of or accounting for evidence, equipment or supplies.

Position Status: Full Time
Position Type: County Paid
Application Opening Date: 10/14/2020
Application Closing Date: 11/30/2020