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Employment Opportunities

Dekalb County Solicitor-General’s Office

Assistant Solicitor Attorney

The Dekalb County Solicitor-General’s Office is looking to hire Attorneys I, II, and III. The duties include but not limited to:

Conducts initial case evaluations as assigned; reviews case file and analyzes the facts and evidence of the case; may assess client eligibility and needs; reviews criminal histories; determines appropriateness of diversion, dismissal, or charges; reviews accuracy of jurisdiction, venue, and scope of arrest powers; ensures sufficient probable cause; prepares or reviews charges and discovery; and prepares for all court hearings or arraignments.

Investigates, analyzes, and prepares assigned cases for hearings and trials; interviews clients in and out of custody; requests and inspects records and evidence; prepares graphics and exhibits; makes investigative requests and follows up on leads; obtains and reviews scientific results and analysis; identifies and interviews witnesses and alibis; observes crime scenes; subpoenas witnesses and prepares them for trial; prepares clients for trial; determines need for, procures, and interviews expert witnesses; assesses need for psychological/psychiatric evaluation of client; anticipates legal issues; assists in the development of case strategies; and presents cases to superiors.

Represents assigned clients or State of Georgia at arraignments, preliminary and pre-trial hearings conferences, motion hearings, jury and bench trials, probation and sentencing, post-adjudication/post-conviction hearings, alternative and diversion programs, specialty courts, or any related courtroom proceedings; prepares and argues motions and evidence; negotiates and presents plea resolutions; negotiates at all stages on behalf of the client or State of Georgia; advises clients or victims regarding the acceptance or rejection of plea offers; selects juries; prepares and makes opening and closing statements; presents evidence; questions witnesses; and makes bond/sentencing recommendations.

Preferred Qualifications: Juris Doctorate Degree required; three years of experience practicing law in area of assignment; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

Specific License or Certification Required: Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license; and must possess and maintain licensure from the Georgia State Bar Association.

Salary Range: $75K-110K

Contact Number: 770-286-8406

Submit resume and cover letter to:


Position Status: Full Time
Position Type: County Paid
Application Opening Date: 09/18/2023
Application Closing Date: 11/30/2023