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Employment Opportunities

Fulton County Solicitor-General’s Office

Assistant Solicitor-General I

Job Description: Assists in the conduct of bench and jury trials, preliminary and pretrial hearings, and related courtroom proceedings: prepares and argues motions; may assist with jury selection, opening and closing statements, evidence presentation, and witness questioning; makes bond and sentencing recommendations.

Investigates, evaluates, and prepares cases for trial: requests and inspects records and evidence; prepares graphics and exhibits; prepares and serves discovery; makes investigative requests; interviews victims, law enforcement, and witnesses; observes crime scenes; obtains and reviews scientific results and analysis; subpoenas witnesses and prepares them for trial; determines need for, procures, and interviews expert witnesses; anticipates legal issues; assists in the development of case strategies; presents cases to superiors.

Conducts case research and documentation: researches relevant case law and interprets in relation to the facts of the case; prepares briefs and motions and responses to same; writes case summaries; drafts complaints, accusations, discovery, and supporting documents.

Prepares cases for accusal and arraignment: reviews case file and analyze the facts and evidence of the case; reviews criminal histories of defendants; determines appropriateness of diversion, dismissal or charges; reviews accuracy of jurisdiction, venue, and scope of arrest powers; ensures sufficient probable cause; drafts formal charges; and requests bindovers.

Conducts pre-trial case resolution: conducts plea negotiations; mediates between adverse parties; pleads case in court; and completes restitution requests.

Communicates and serves as a liaison with victims, family, witnesses, and community partners: provides updates regarding case status; requests victim advocates and assists them as needed; and explains and advises regarding the investigative and judicial process.

Manages caseload: attends scheduled court appearances, including plea and arraignment, status, case management, final plea, motions, and trial calendar and schedules trial and hearing dates with judges and case managers.

Coordinates with community partners and the public to support and promote criminal justice, code enforcement, and crime prevention initiatives: educates and informs the community about the criminal justice system; and conducts and attends meetings with schools, government organizations, healthcare providers, interest groups, or other community partners.

Communicates with defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement, investigators, legal support staff, victims, witnesses, supervisor, media, government officials, other employees, interns, the public, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, present or exchange information, provide legal counsel and interpretation, or resolve problems.

Processes a variety of documentation associated with department/division operations, within designated timeframes and per established procedures: receives and reviews various documentation, including, police reports, witness statements, laboratory reports, criminal histories, defense motions, and case law updates; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate; prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, and other documentation, including charging documents, recidivist notices, probation revocations, sentencing recommendations, motions and legal briefs, trial summaries, and departmental reports; compiles data for further processing or for use in preparation of department reports; and maintains computerized and/or hard copy records.

Preferred Qualifications: Juris Doctorate Degree required; supplemented by one year(s) of experience in criminal justice, legal, or generally related field; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

Specific License or Certification Required: Must be registered as a member of the Georgia State Bar Association. Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license.

Salary Range: commensurate with experience

Position Status: Full Time
Position Type: County Paid
Application Opening Date: 04/10/2019
Application Closing Date: 05/31/2019