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Employment Opportunities

Hall County Solicitor-General’s Office

Assistant Solicitor-General

The Assistant Solicitor-General represents the state at criminal misdemeanor arraignments: Draws up accusations, prepares files, recommends sentences, files criminal charges, and conducts arraignments for jailed defendants.  Represents the state at change of plea dates; presents any bargains to the court and explains the facts and prior history in court.  Prepares trial cases: Selects cases for trial, responds to defense motions, investigates cases, interviews witnesses, obtains evidence, researches law and issues, prepares questions and statements, files pre-trial motions, and discusses cases with defense attorneys.  Handles Bench and Jury Trials. Responds to post conviction proceedings, including appeals and appellate arguments.  Potentially assigned to one of four accountability courts.

Preferred Qualifications: Law degree, or post bar – pending results.  Experience with mock trial competitions helpful but not required.

Salary Range: 48K – 50K

Contact Number: 770-538-7810

Submit resume and cover letter to:


Position Status: Full Time
Position Type: County Paid
Application Opening Date: 06/07/2019
Application Closing Date: 08/01/2019