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Upcoming Training Events

2024 From Stop to State Court

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia along with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is excited to offer the 2024 From Stop to State Court training in Young Harris, Georgia!

Under the direction of veteran Georgia DRE’s and DUI prosecutors, students will conduct the critical phases of a DUI investigation and trial – from the stop to the courtroom. The course will partner police and prosecutors and will feature simulated traffic stops, an alcohol wet-lab, live field sobriety exercises, case preparation, and direct evidence presentation in the courtroom. Students will benefit from hands on

training as well as lectures on topics including:

– Search Warrants
– Checkpoints
– DUI Investigations
– Breath Testing
– Report Writing
– And More!

Attendance is limited to lesser experienced Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators and Prosecutors. There is no fee to attend, so sign up soon! Spots will be limited.

Please note that by submitting a registration, you are applying for the course but have not been approved. Individuals who are accepted into the course will be notified by email no later than January 12, 2024. If you are interested in attending, please email the PAC Training Department at with your request.