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Upcoming Training Events

ARIDE for Prosecutors – Morrow, Georgia

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council presents: ARIDE for Prosecutors.

Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) for Attorneys 

The ARIDE training curriculum prepares police officers and other qualified persons to conduct various drug-impairment detection tests at roadside for use in drugged-driving investigations. This training, ARIDE for Attorneys, has been developed for Prosecutors to understand the level of training the Law Enforcement in their area have. The procedures outlined in this program describe how the various roadside tests are to be administered under ideal conditions. It is understood that the tests used in this training will not always be administered under ideal conditions in the field because such conditions do not always exist. Even when administered under less than ideal conditions, they will generally serve as valid and useful indicators of impairment. Slight variations from the ideal, i.e., the inability to find a perfectly smooth surface at roadside, may have some effect on the evidentiary weight given to the results; however, this does not necessarily make the ARIDE roadside tests invalid.