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Upcoming Training Events

Family Violence Training – Augusta

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council presents: Family Violence Training 2023.

From 2003 through 2016, at least 1671 Georgia Citizens lost their lives due to Domestic Violence. Georgia ranks 8th in the nation for the rate at which men kill women in single-victim, domestic violence-related murders. Firearms were the leading weapon of choice by batterers. In over 41% of the cases, children were present during the domestic violence homicide. Successfully investigating and prosecuting Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault cases requires that law enforcement, victims’ advocates and prosecutors work, train and learn together.

This FREE program is specifically designed to bring together police officers, victims’ advocates, and prosecutors in your area to learn and discuss the latest strategies and techniques for investigating and prosecuting Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault related offenses that occur in your jurisdiction. You will also earn 6 CLE, POST or Victims’ Advocate hours.

You must be registered in order to attend the training. Registration is available in GlueUp. If you do not have a GlueUp account, please email or call 770-282-6300.


Training sessions may include:
Evidence Based Prosecution
Forensic Interviews or Sexual Assault Investigations
Hearsay Exceptions or Criminal Protective Order
Report Writing

There are no PAC reimbursements for this training. Please feel free to reach out to the Training Team with questions. Thank you!