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Upcoming Training Events

Introduction to Wiretap Best Practices – Morrow

Let’s get technical and tap into the world of wiretaps! If you are looking for a course to cover the fundamentals of intercepting and recording wire communications, look no further than our course, Introductions to Wiretap Best Practices. Unlike the movies of sitting in a unmarked van for hours listening to conversations, there are procedures to follow to ensure a lawful process and strong case. Tentative topics to include:

  • Flow of Paperwork: From the Initial Trap and Trace to All the Way through the Final Unsealing Order
  • Affidavit Breakdown
  • Interception Basics – The Technology Explained
  • Rules for Minimization
  • Overcoming Defense Objections to The Use of Wiretaps

This course is open to Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officers and will provide up to 5 CLE/POST credits. For additional information or to register, sign into your Glue Up account or contact