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Managing Social Media & Public Relations – Morrow, Ga

“We serve communities by empowering public safety agencies to restore public trust.” –David T. Snively, Fenix Founder & CEO

Managing Social Media & Public Relations
March 21-22, 2024 | Morrow, Ga

About the Course
As public demand for real-time information- especially during critical incidents -increases, public safety agencies and prosecutors’ offices are struggling to prepare their Public Information Officers (PIOs) and Elected Officials to handle multiple inquiries, present on-camera interviews, write concise media releases, and manage public relations. This course is designed to provide PIOs, Chief Executives, and other agency members who may interact with the media with the technical skills needed to: respond to media inquiries; write and issue news releases, fact sheets, and other informational materials; coordinate press conferences; and manage emergency scenes. The course includes case studies and practical exercises, and it is designed for basic, intermediate, and advanced public information officers, as well as other public safety and prosecution staff who may interact with the media.

Public safety agencies and prosecution staff’s use of social media, both on duty and off, is becoming increasingly complex. This part of the class is designed for Public Information Officers, Social Media Contributors, Chief Executives, and other public safety and prosecution staff to understand the legal context of professional and personal social media use and to design and implement strategic agency brand management. Key points of the course include: cultivating the brand image of the agency; developing messaging calendars; consistency and strategic communications; monitoring media networks; First Amendment considerations, and other laws, regulations, and policy compliance.

This workshop is approved for 14 POST (law enforcement) and CLE (attorney) credits. Question is open in GlueUp PAC. Please email us at if you do not have account or if you have a question. Thank you!