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Legislation Enacted During the 2018 Georgia General Assembly

The link below provides a summary of the Bills and Resolutions impacting prosecuting attorneys or the criminal justice system that passed during the 2018 Session of the Georgia General Assembly and, in the case of Bills or Resolutions having the effect of law, were approved by the Governor.

Summary of Legislation that passed the 2018 General Assemby (PDF)

We have provided a brief analysis by the contributing authors for the majority of the Bills and Resolutions included in this report. These summaries are intended to give the reader an idea of what is contained in the new law; they are not a substitute for reading the actual text of the Bill. In a few instances where the authors concluded that the legislative short title adequately described the contents of the Bill or Resolution, no summary is provided.

The “As Passed” versions of the Bills that have been approved by the Governor are available online at: