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Employment Opportunities

Douglas Judicial Circuit


The District Attorney’s Office in the Douglas Judicial Circuit has an opening for an Investigator. The following duties are normal for this position; other duties may be required and assigned:

This is a grant-funded Investigator position under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The incumbent will be part of the team focused on efficiently resolving lower-level, non-violent offenses and diverting court resources to serious violent felonies. As an, Investigator you can expect to review felony case files , direct and lead further investigation.

• Assists Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) in conductive investigations and preparing cases for trial; reviews case files and identifies investigative tasks; drafts and executes search warrants or court order for evidence; collects, secures, and analyzes evidence, ensuring chain of custody is maintained; assists with interviewing victims and witnesses; surveys, photographs, and sketches crime scenes; utilizes various investigative tools, resources, and programs to obtain necessary information; compiles witness lists; consults with ADAs regarding trial strategies; and testifies in court.
• Identifies, locates, serves subpoenas, and ensures court appearances of complainants, suspects, victims, and lay and professional witnesses; researches and creates witness files; works to obtain full victim/witness cooperation; coordinates witness accommodations such as travel and lodging; drafts material witness warrants as needed and coordinates with fugitive units to apprehend witnesses; and coordinates schedules for court appearances.
• Transports and provides security for attorneys, victims, victim advocates, and witnesses; escorts attorneys on interviews and crime scene visits; provides courtroom security; and escorts attorneys, victims, advocates, and witnesses to and from trial.
• Prepares, gathers, reviews, compiles, and processes a variety of documents and information related to investigative activities; gathers, reviews, and compiles information such as incident reports, licenses/permits, certifications, protective orders, criminal and driver histories, crime lab reports, 911 dispatch transcripts, and medical records; drafts investigative reports, case summaries, subpoenas, search warrants, evidence requests, and related documents.
• Stays abreast of criminal investigative techniques and practices, crime trends, and courtroom procedures; attends seminars and training courses; obtains various criminology certifications; and performs firearms practice drills.
• Operates or uses various equipment, tools, firearms, and supplies in order to complete work assignments;

Preferred Qualifications: Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in performance of the essential functions and learn, comprehend, and apply all county or departmental policies, practices, and procedures necessary to function effectively in the position. Requires knowledge of federal, state, and local criminal laws and statutes, court rules and procedures, and methods and techniques used to conduct criminal investigations. Requires interpersonal and communication skills to effectively interview, interrogate, persuade, or otherwise interact in the course of investigative work.

The incumbent must also possess the following Minimum Qualifications:

• United States citizen
• A high school diploma and five years investigative or law enforcement experience, or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job
• Must have and maintain a valid United States Driver’s License (Class C), a satisfactory motor vehicle record (MVR) and the ability and willingness to drive a county vehicle; if assigned job duties require the use of a vehicle
• Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certification
• Able to demonstrate firearm proficiency
• Must not have been convicted by any state or by federal government of any crime

The incumbent should also have a mastery of the following Performance Aptitudes:

• Data Utilization: Requires the ability to review, classify, categorize, prioritize, and/or analyze data. Includes exercising discretion in determining data classification, and in referencing such analysis to established standards for the purpose of recognizing actual or probable interactive effects and relationships.
• Human Interaction: Requires the ability to work with and apply principles of persuasion and/or influence over others to coordinate programs or activities of a project, and resolve typical problems associated with the responsibilities of the job.
• Equipment, Machinery, Tools, and Materials Utilization: Requires the ability to operate, maneuver, and/or control the actions of equipment, machinery, tools and/or materials requiring complex and/or rapid adjustments.
• Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to utilize a wide variety of reference, descriptive, and/or advisory data and information.
• Mathematical Aptitude: Requires the ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; ability to calculate decimals and percentages; may include ability to perform mathematical operations with fractions; may include ability to compute discount, interest, and ratios; may include ability to calculate surface areas, volumes, weights, and measures.
• Functional Reasoning: Requires the ability to apply principles of influence systems, such as motivation, incentive, and leadership, and to exercise independent judgment to apply facts and principles for developing approaches and techniques to resolve problems.
• Situational Reasoning: Requires the ability to exercise judgment, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory, judgmental, or subjective criteria, as opposed to that which is clearly measurable or verifiable.

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience

Submit resume and cover letter to:


Position Status: Full Time
Position Type: County Paid Grant Funded
Application Opening Date: 07/01/2022
Application Closing Date: 07/15/2022