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Upcoming Training Events

Joint Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Impaired Driving Training – Atlanta

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, in cooperation with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is excited to present Joint Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Impaired Driver Training in Atlanta, Georgia!

In 2019, Georgia had 1,491 total traffic fatalities, 353 of which were alcohol-related. This total represents 24% of the traffic fatalities for the year. Successfully investigating and prosecuting Impaired Driving and vehicular homicide cases require that all law enforcement work, train, and learn together. This FREE program is specifically designed to bring together police officers and prosecutors in your area to learn and discuss the latest strategies and techniques for investigating and prosecuting DUI and related offenses that occur in your jurisdiction. You will also earn CLE or POST hours (if you are requesting CLE hours, there is a charge of $48.00 for your credits for the entire 2-day class. Please bring a check with you or submit payment with your form after the course. We will provide a CLE and POST form for everyone).

TWO DAY TRAINING SESSION INCLUDES: Case Law Update, the Georgia DUI, Phases of Detection, ALS, Practical Exercises, Getting your Evidence, Direct Examination, the DRE program, Cannais Impaired DUI, Charging Decisions and Effective Report Writing. For a detailed description of each topic. Class will be held from 9AM to 4PM each day.

This is a FREE training session. Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Officers are invited to attend. For more information or to register for this class, please click the registration link provided.